Eric Glazenberg

October 2015 - Valleys Market Report

09 November 2015
Eric Glazenberg
Home sales for the month of October were brisk with 18 Valley homes changing hands.  On average, these homes sold at 99% of their asking price, in 20 days on market.  Homes in our community are still fetching top dollar, and with limited levels of inventory (23 available homes at the time of writing) still hampering buyer's efforts to get into the neighbourhood, its no wonder that prices continue to increase.  The Autumn market has turned out to be quite lucrative so looking toward the next few months ahead, I predict a seasonal softening as the New Year approaches, followed by another run up in prices, come January, as more eager buyers choose from the limited amount of available homes.  Regardless of market conditions, pricing your property correctly, marketing your home perfectly, and staging the interior tastefully, is stilll crucial to affecting a quick sale at the highest possible price!   Planning a move?  Contact the Valleys specialist today.  I'm only a quick call away...
Here are some selected October sold figures for The Valleys of Thornhill community
$778,888       Townhouse 3+1 Bdrm, 4 Bath, 1 Garage
$800,000       Semi-Detached 4 Bdrm, 5 Bath, 1 Garage
$830,000       Townhouse 3+1 Bdrm, 4 Bath, 1 Garage
$888,000       Detached 4 Bdrm, 3 Bath, 1 Garage
$1,230,000    Detached 4 Bdrm, 4 Bath, 2 Garage
$1,265,000    Detached 4 Bdrm, 4 Bath, 2 Garage
$1,550,000    Detached 4 Bdrm, 4 Bath, 2 Garage
$1,650,000    Detached 4+2 Bdrm, 7 Bath, 2 Garage