Eric Glazenberg

Multiple Offers on 45 Sandwood Dr in Thornhill Woods

23 April 2015
Eric Glazenberg

9 sets of buyers were hot and ready to buy 45SandwoodDrive in Thornhill Woods this past Monday night. Priced at an enticing $938,880, the competition was fierce once the bidding began. After a couple of rounds of solid offers, a winner was determined. What did it take to buy this home? A firm offer with no conditions, a $50,000 bank draft in hand, and an purchase price of nearly $190,000 over the asking price. That’s right, 20% over ask and a new record was the end result, and of course, a pair of very happy clients!

-- $190,000 over ask gets you grinning ear to ear!

-- 45 Sandwood Drive - The Scene of a wild bidding war this week.